New website, logo and visual identity reflect HBH’s growth journey.

HBH Architects & Partners, a leading design firm in Vietnam, revealed the new branding and platform that reinforce our vision to create innovative and quality spaces worldwide. Aligned closely with HBH’s philosophy,  our modernized logo represents our evolution of core brand values and our dedication to providing unparalleled experiences. 

HBH’s Rebranding includes:

New Logo: HBH’s logo which is inspired by each letter in our company’s name is symbolized as a hexagon in 3D space. The bold text and stroke bring a more modern and creative look to convey our strategy of “Being the leading company in using the latest and advanced software in Vietnam”. Designing the logo in a perspective view is a demonstration of HBH’s multi-disciplined approach.

New Brand Colors: The new theme color of Oxford Blue illustrates the high expertise, flexibility and distinctiveness of our work. Brand synchronization through color palette in publication represents our quality improvement as well as speaks to HBH’s identity. 

New Website: To provide an enticing and intuitive experience, HBH has launched a new website ( Upgraded to a seamless visualization, the fresh platform reflects our design journey, highlighting our achievements and bringing clients closer to our company. With a focus on our profession, the website displays a diverse portfolio of our services to give an insight into our work which includes projects in Vietnam and Oversea with prestigious partners.

The new logo and brand assets show a refreshed bold, more dynamic and creative side of HBH. Innovation and creativity are the key elements which represent our identity. The cohesive branding and color will combine all our valuables in our work. In our journey, we focus on building a united community that is the core power of HBH. With the strength of our team, along with advanced technology and a passionate work ethic, we create a great relationship with our strategic partners and clients who helped build our foundation. Our brand refresh really captures the wonder and amazement of the experiences we create for our clients and their guests while reflecting on our broad project types and global footprint.

As the world has drastically changed over the last two years, the rebrand comes as HBH continues to grow and adapt to ever-changing industry trends, and meet clients’ and partners’ evolving needs. With our collaborative teams, every project is a seamless, unique creation; we introduce an important service of landscape construction; along with a wide range of work from concept design, technical documentation, and practical solutions that integrate together to achieve our client’s strategic vision.