Urban Planning

HBH Architects & Partners has experience in Master Planning and Urban Design in a wide range of projects, land-use and building types. We respond to the complex challenges facing cities around the world with a multidisciplinary approach. Inspired by what makes each place and community distinctive, we respect the local context to create harmony between the built and natural environment.

Architectural Design

HBH Architects & Partners reflects our expertise in how people experience space and place to create inspirational buildings with high-quality and innovative solutions. Our designs are appealing, embody the unique heritage of each community and offer sustainable visions for its future. We work with clients, stakeholders and users at all design phases, in which every project achieves the unique aspirations of discerning clients across our global markets with a consistently high standard of service. 

Landscape Design

HBH team acknowledge the crucial role of landscape in our natural resources and sustainable development. Therefore, we carefully research native plants, local climate, soil and topography in Vietnam to ensure that each project benefits our clients as well as improves the natural environment. Our work includes all stages, from preliminary concept to construction documents which provides specialized design, ecological solutions and investment efficiency. HBH also have a landscape construction team that follows the project consistently from the construction process to the maintenance phase.

Interior Design

With a focus on sustainability, health, and well-being, we are helping our clients reimagine what an interior environment can be. Our projects are international in scope and range from offices to stores, academic and civic buildings, commercial centers, resorts and hotels. HBH team work collaboratively and strategically to connect people and place, aligning building performance with the human experience.

Technical Resources

HBH Architects & Partners maintain a state-of-the-art computer network. A suite of up-to-date software allows the efficient production of architectural documentation and high-quality presentations. We utilize the latest Autodesk Revit Series to produce 2D drawings as well as 3D Building Information Models (BIM). BIM allows us to produce coordinated drawings from a 3D model that reduce clashes and RFI on site. We cooperate with global partners to achieve clients’ requirements on excellent projects for markets worldwide.

3D Visualization

Using advanced technologies and VR, our 3D visualizers can take your ideas and stories to life in a virtual space. 3D visualizations offer clients the opportunity to experience the proposed environment firsthand. It is an engaging end-product and a valuable design tool in the development of an experience.